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WJRT ABC TV 12 (Flint): Paid sick leave bill back on the table


A press release from the senator’s office reads, “According to a 2016 analysis done by the Michigan League for Public Policy, more than 1.7 million Michigan workers — about 44 percent — cannot take time of if they or a family member are ill.”

For small businesses the minimum threshold will be 40 paid sick hours per year, and for larger businesses a minimum threshold of 70 paid sick hours per year.

Workers in a handful of states and Washington, D.C. have sick leave laws. Some policy analysts, like Peter Ruark with the Michigan League for Public Policy, cite Connecticut as a model.

“Business groups in Connecticut had strongly opposed their earned sick leave law. 40% of employers were supportive of it after the law took effect, and another 37 were somewhat supportive of it,” Ruark said.

He continued, “Michigan residents are on the side of earned sick leave. There was a couple of years ago that showed — get this — showed that 86% of Michigan voters agree that Michigan workers should be able to earn sick days.” March 1, 2017 — WJRT ABC TV 12


UPMatters.com: Kids Count sheds light and discussion on future for children

“We talk about how can we best help kids,” says Alicia Guevara Warren, Kids Count Michigan project director at the Michigan League for Public Policy. “We have to help their parents, we have to help their care givers as well. It’s not just about helping the child in order to get those outcomes but knowing that these children live in homes with their families and we have to help a whole family, not just the child.” Feb 17 , 2017 — UPMatters.com

The Macomb Daily: Accounting Aid Society pushes awareness of tax credits for low income families

During the approximately 20 years Craig May has prepared tax returns for others, he has witnessed the surprise and happiness when they learn they qualify for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit. Feb. 15, 2017 — The Macomb Daily

MLive: House panel OKs plan to phase out Michigan’s personal income tax

Jacobs said the bill wouldn’t grow the economy.

“Instead, it will leave our state unable to invest in our schools, colleges and universities, communities, infrastructure, healthcare and public safety–the things that actually fuel economic growth,” Jacobs said. Feb 17, 2017 — MLive

The Detroit News: Letter: Expand Earned Income Tax Credit

According to data provided by the Michigan League for Public Policy, roughly 125,000 new and established workers; 25,000 veterans; and 98,000 individuals working in rural communities will also profit. Once expanded, the EITC will also provide a boost to older workers, including those in retirement, who have adult children that are out of the home. Feb 7, 2017 — The Detroit News

The Detroit News: Column: Real cost of an income tax cut

Column by Gilda Z. Jacobs of the Michigan League for Public Policy.

Michigan legislators started the year with a call to reduce and ultimately repeal the state income tax.

But this idea is not about what Michigan has to give — it’s about what Michigan and residents like you have to lose. Feb. 5, 2017 — The Detroit News


WCMU Radio: Working families miss out on tax credits, report says

Only 20% of low income, working families apply for federal earned income tax credits that could offer large returns, according to the Michigan League for Public Policy.

The tax credits are contingent on family size and income but officials with the Michigan League for Public Policy say the returns can be substantial.

Alex Rossman is a spokesman for the Michigan League for Public Policy. He said the tax credits are meant to support working families raising children. Feb 6, 2017 — WCMU Radio


WLNS CBS TV6 (Lansing): The tax credit that puts more money in your pockets

Friday Jan. 27 happens to be Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day.

The Michigan League for Public Policy just put out a comprehensive report on the credit.

The league found that only one in five Michigan taxpayers who are eligible for the credit take advantage of it.

Looking at data from 2014, they mapped out the credit’s impact.

In Jackson County, more than 12,000 households received the credit with an average tax benefit of $141. Jan 27, 2017 — WLNS CBS TV6

WSYM FOX 47 (Lansing): Michigan residents worried about losing health care

Nearly 900,000 people in Michigan have insurance now, that they didn’t have before the Affordable Care Act. That’s according to the Michigan League for Public Policy. But Donald Trump’s threats to repeal Obamacare have many worried they’ll be left out. Jan 5, 2017 — WSYM FOX 47 TV

WSJM & WIRX Radio: League for Public Policy Reacts to State of the State Address

The Michigan League for Public Policy would like to hear more from Governor Rick Snyder about how the state can help its poorest residents. CEO Gilda Jacobs tells WSJM News she thinks he could have talked about programs to help the poor in his State of the State address.

“We still have poverty that is too high around the state,” Jacobs said. “We know that northern Michigan and the U.P. has very high numbers. Actually, Flint and Detroit have the highest poverty rates in the nation for cities their size, and in fact, child poverty went up in 80 of 83 Michigan counties.” Jan 17, 2017 — WSJM & WIRX Radio

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