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The New York Times: The States That College Graduates Are Most Likely to Leave

“Lots of talented young people all over the country are eager to see new sights — what is different, and a problem for Michigan is that we have an unusually low rate of immigration,” said Charley Ballard, a regional economist at Michigan State University, in an email. Nov 22, 2016 — The New York Times

Wood TV: Study: More pregnant women in Michigan smoking

Study: More pregnant woman in Michigan smoking The Michigan League for Public Policy’s annual report on maternal and child health shows that the number of women smoking while pregnant increased 18 percent between 2008 and 2014. Nov 17, 2016 — Wood TV

WILX: Report shows more pregnant women are smoking in Michigan

The latest Kids Count report shows more pregnant women are smoking in Michigan.

The number is up 18% statewide in the last 6 years. It’s up 64% in Jackson, 166% in Lansing. The head of the Kids Count project says the best way to lower that rate is to keep people from starting smoking in the first place. She wants the state to help out more. Nov 17, 2016 — WILX

Lansing State Journal: Putnam: Alarming trend in smoking while pregnant

There’s been a jaw-dropping jump in the percent of pregnant women in Michigan who smoke, and Lansing and Meridian Township have some of the biggest increases across the state.

A new report out today by the Kids Count project at the Michigan League for Public Policy documents the trend. Nearly one in three Lansing women smoked during pregnancy. Nov 17, 2016 — Lansing State Journal

MLive: More Michigan women are smoking during pregnancy, Kids Count report say

Smoking among pregnant women in Michigan is on the increase, a worrisome trend that correlates to an increase in premature births, according to a Kids Count report released today. About 21 percent of expectant women were smokers in 2014 compared to 18 percent in 2008, said the report, which was produced by the Michigan League for Public Policy. Nov 17, 2016 — MLive

WLNS: Study: Mothers smoking during pregnancy on rise in state

The rate of expectant mothers in Michigan who reported smoking while pregnant increased by 18 percent between 2008 and 2014, according to a new report released today. Preterm births (less than 37 weeks gestation) also increased 20 percent statewide during that same time period. Nov 17, 2016 — WLNS

Public News Service: Report: Pregnant Michiganders Smoking at Alarming Rates

Smoking during pregnancy can cause a multitude of negative health outcomes for a child, yet pregnant women in Michigan are lighting up at higher rates now than they were several years ago. There has been an 18 percent increase in the smoking rate among pregnant women since 2008, according to data released Thursday by the Michigan League for Public Policy. Nov 17, 2017 — Public News Service

Tuscola Today: Up for the count: Vassar, Millington welcome student gains

“Joslyn, citing statistics in the 2016 Kids Count In Michigan Data Book published by the Michigan League for Public Policy, stated Tuscola County’s child population – from ages 0 to 17 – fell by 13.1 percent from 2006 to 2013. The data book states that in 2006, the county had 13,554 young people in that age bracket, but had only 11,773 in that age bracket in 2013.” Oct 15, 2016 — Tuscola Today

Public News Service: Tackling Racial Inequities Head on in Michigan

As hundreds of Michiganders gathered at a forum Monday to discuss poverty and racial inequity, a new report examines persistent racial disparities in educational opportunities for Michigan kids.The forum was sponsored by the Michigan League for Public Policy, which also released the report.

League President and CEO Gilda Jacobs said the research indicates racial disparities exist in nearly every area of public policy, including reading proficiency, school discipline, college attainment, student debt, incarceration rates, employment and income. Oct 11, 2016 — Public News Service

WEMU: Michigan League for Public Policy puts a spotlight on racial inequality

Looking to have what they call an “honest discussion” about racial inequality in Michigan, the Michigan League for Public Policy held its annual forum Monday.

CEO and President of the League, Gilda Jacobs had high hopes for the community response to the forum. “We want people to walk away more informed than they were before,” she said. “We want them to get fired up. And we want them to figure out what they can do to make thing different in this state.” Oct 10, 2016 — WEMU

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