• Budget Briefs

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    Michigan's budget is a document that outlines the state’s priorities to create a pathway toward economic opportunity for all. The League has outlined its 2019 budget priorities for a better Michigan and will continue to provide analysis throughout the budget process.

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  • Why Tax Cuts Hurt

    tax cut png 235x135Michigan lawmakers are pushing for election-year tax cuts, but Michigan and its residents simply can’t afford the damage these cuts will do to our schools, roads and bridges, public safety and communities.

    Statements: State of the State | House and Senate Bills
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  • 2017 Right Start: Annual Report on Maternal and Child Health

    mother and babyThe annual Right Start: Maternal and Child Health report reviews eight indicators statewide, by race and for a select number of cities and townships in Michigan. The 2017 report compares 2010 to 2015 and highlights infant mortality trends in the state.

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    Has your life been affected by Michigan’s criminal or juvenile justice system? We want to hear from you!


    What’s New

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